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5 Ways to Turn Onsite Search into Powerful Conversion Booster

May 18, 2016

When we talk about the search functionality of our website, few questions always haunt us. What is the key to engage user? How can search bar convert the visitor into customer? Do the website search engine needs improvement?

Companies pay attention to each and every detail of their website and apart from the other metrics, site search has been recognized as an equally important aspect to improve the conversion. Realizing the efficiency and benefits, companies are increasing their investments in implementing advanced search engines on their websites. Rather than just displaying results, user insight can be analyzed to increase conversion and improve customer retention.

So another challenging question is how to improve the onsite search? Let’s take a look to enhance user’s search experience and power boost your business.
1. Search Bar

 Site Search Bar

It’s always said that the first impression counts so search bar tops the list. Putting a search bar and labeling is generally neglected which is not a good sign in regards to user experience. The search bar should be clearly visible and ideally located at the top right corner of your website.

Choose a different color in contrast to the website color scheme to highlight and draw attention. Add call-to-action text like ‘Search a product’ or ‘Enter your keyword’ within the box to state the purpose clearly and function the text to disappear when user starts typing. Also, place a push-button to read ‘Search’.

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