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Search Ads

Deliver relevant ads in search results and leverage visitor intent signals with site-wide monetization that extends beyond the search box. Search Ads appear as users type, on the search results page, and via any high-intent keyword placement across your site.

Site Search

Enhance your visitors’ user experience while earning incremental revenue from highly relevant brand advertisers.


Layer our search features into your existing search or let us manage the entire experience with flexible options such as Search Ads, Keyword Suggest, and Popular Searches.

Our Advertisers Deliver Maximum Value for Your Audience

Get paid for delivering a better user experience

Easy Implementation

Customizable integration options that are easy to manage and tailored to your site.

Site-Wide Monetization

Unlock significant advertiser budgets you can use in search and other high-intent areas of your site.

Valuable Data

Our algorithms learn from every search to deliver audience insight and the highest possible revenue.

Higher Engagement

More relevant results and ads from global brands build credibility and keep visitors on your site longer.

How It Works

Step 1

Your audience signals high intent by searching and performing certain actions on your site.

Step 2

Our advertisers make premium bids for the high intent searches and actions on your site.

Step 3

SearchIQ’s predictive first party data tailors every advertiser’s offer to your audience to maximize engagement.

Step 4

Advertisers pay us for the traffic and we pay you.*

*It is slightly more complicated than that, contact us and we can explain more.

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