Does SearchIQ crawler automatically reindex the changes on my site?

October 13, 2020

Our delta crawl runs hourly and checks the post date in the sitemap to index the new/updated posts. The ‘lastmod’ field in the sitemap must be later than the last indexed date for delta crawl to work.
But any deleted URL(s) from the sitemap need re-indexing to avoid displaying the deleted pages in search results.

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Does SearchIQ has any search operation limit?

July 13, 2017

SearchIQ has an infrastructure that can handle billions of searches per day. So, we want our clients not bothering by this when they use our service. However, if your site is at high volume and you should consider to use our paid package that comes with better SLA.

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Is the document limit at domain or account level?

July 13, 2017

Document limit is applied to Account level. However, we give you good buffer if you are not too far exceeded your account limit.

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What is the definition of operation?

June 22, 2017

Each time a request is sent to the server, we count it as 1 operation. It includes index, autocomplete keystroke, search and etc. For example, if user is attempting to type in “travel agency” to the search bar, per each character user typed there will be a request to our server for suggestion. Often time, user doesn’t need to finish typing the full phrase before they can spot the result they want. For our data, it indicate it takes in avg 5 characters for a user to locate what they are looking for. That is to say, if you divide operation counts by 5, you can roughly obtain the number of search intents from your users.

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Where is the thumbnails stored? Is it cached?

June 20, 2017

For paid users, we will pick the main image per post in your website, resize, optimize and store them in one of our image servers. Images on our image servers will be distributed in CDN network that will improve the serving speed for our autocomplete and result page.

  • For non-paid WordPress websites, we will create thumbnails in their server and images will be directly served from their own server instead.
  • For non-paid regular websites, we will not create any thumbnail but resize their original image photo on the fly during serving. If the original image size is large, users may notice that.
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