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New Feature Release for SearchIQ

August 23, 2016



Ask and you shall receive. Deep search has arrived and it’s AWESOME!

Traditionally SearchIQ has only allowed 5 search fields – author, tags, category, body and title, but now we can index custom fields for any post type you’d like. What does this mean you ask? Let’s say you have a recipe website and your visitor is looking for a cookie recipe. This visitor can’t just make any old cookie recipe, they need gluten free cookies with no nuts, and they want the cookies to be low in fat. With deep search they’ll be able to find a cookie recipe that meets their specified criteria and get to what they’re looking for much faster than before. This feature is great for ecommerce sites, recipe sites, and anyone needing specific search for their website.

In addition to deep search, we’ve also made it easier for you to install a search bar on your WordPress site. We now offer a widget where all you have to do is grab the “SearchIQ searchbox” from the widgets menu, then drag and drop it wherever you want it. It will automatically install on your website. The second option is for folks who would rather have a search icon on their menu. To install the search icon all you have to do is go into SearchIQ options, select the menu where you would like the icon to be (header, footer, main, etc.) and finally, select save. The icon will show automatically at the end of the menu you have chosen.

We’re excited to provide these new search features and we hope they’ll make your site’s search functionality even easier and even more relevant.

Happy searching!

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