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4 Reasons E-tailers Need Site Search Technology

May 7, 2018

According to eMarketer, 67% of Millennials and 50% of Generation X US internet users shop in bed. While it is old news that shopping has gone beyond brick and mortar stores and into our homes via digital devices, online retailers who optimize for mobile devices and user experience are thriving in the crowded world of e-commerce. For e-tailers looking to make their sites both mobile optimized and user-friendly, there is a simple solution – site search technology.

Technology that improves a website’s search function is an effective way for online retailers to quickly give prospective customers what they want. Many fast-growing e-tailers have one thing in common – they allow online shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for through advanced search. They do this because they understand that fast product discovery is pivotal to driving online sales. Baymard Institute reports that a poor search interface typically leads to more abandonments and users are unlikely to return to the site. Audiences searching your online store have intent to buy, so why not make it easier for them?

Here are four reasons your online store needs site search technology:


1. Enhanced UX Design

Online shoppers do not want to spend more than a minute hunting down a search bar, which is why e-tailers can add value to their website with a prominent search bar and a well-designed search tool. An effective search product will recommend products through a drop-down menu to help visitors save time. In addition, intuitive search tools that offer autocomplete, spell check, and synonym matching can guide customers to the right item when the product name is on the tip of their tongue. Site search technology is a simple way to improve the function and UX design of any online store, and ultimately a user’s shopping experience.


2. Analytics Can Drive Business Growth

No matter the scale of your online store, you can still engage visitors who discover your site and turn them into loyal customers. Maybe you are thinking that you are a small e-tailer and there is no immediate reason to give your visitors intelligent search with your limited supply of products. If that is the case, then do not underestimate how site search technology can be beneficial to both the customer and business owner. Many site search products, like SearchIQ, offer analytics as a primary feature to help online stores grow their business with data. You can think of site search analytics as your business intelligence team, giving actionable insight to fuel business growth!

Analytics enables e-tailers to view the products or keywords their users search for, allowing them to discover the types of products consumers express interest in. E-tailers can use this valuable information to source products their customers want. For example, if you own an online home store and you use site search technology to learn that a large number of your visitors are searching for candles, then it would benefit your business to add candles to your store catalog. You can increase your conversion rate by appealing to your candle-loving customers.


3. Strategically Showcase New or Relevant Products

The ultimate goal for any store, online or not, is to get products off the shelf. Site search technology offers the ability to arrange product information in a search results drop-down menu via custom results ranking. This feature gives you the power to recommend specific items to your visitors who have the most intent on converting. You can give special attention to new items or products that have not had much love from customers and move them to the top of your search results list.

Site search technology allows you to be strategic in how you showcase products to your customers. Maybe you have an online store, and you are trying to sell the rest of your holiday-themed inventory. When a visitor searches for table linens, you can customize results to bring holiday tableware to the top of the search results list.


4. Users Spend More Time on Site

In addition to helping visitors save time when looking for products, site search technology also increases the length of time visitors spend on site. Econsultancy states, “A better user experience means that customers are more likely to spend more time on the site, and can boost the number of registrations and return visits.” Potential customers are more engaged to browse available inventory with efficient site search, leading to an increase in online sales.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes with great built-in Search Functionality

June 5, 2017

Website search functionality has been observed to be trending up rapidly over the last few years. Site search has a critical importance in regards to user experience and customer engagement. Internet users have become so dependable on search, that it will be almost unreasonable to forget including search functionality on your website. Several site visitors hit the search bar first without even navigating the menu.

Adding an efficient onsite search box not only engages visitor and decrease bounce rate but benefits administrator in terms of conversion and analytics. The analysis of user data helps in understanding user behavior and needs, and eventually leads to an increase in conversion.

Realizing the effectiveness, wordpress developers have been integrating site search option to add value to the themes. Here are the top 10 wordpress themes with remarkable site search built-in functionality.

Business Directory

WordPress Theme: Business Directory

The Business Directory WordpPress theme is created by Templatic with elegant design to give your site visitors best user experience. The theme helps to create, manage and monetize a directory site for any businesses such as Car, Hotels, Restaurants, Properties, Travel Destinations and many more.

There are several built-in features that make it the most powerful Directory theme including Bulk data Import/Export, Add and manage classified, Additional custom fields, Google maps, Add/Manage users, Listing rating and review, User dashboard, Email notifications, Color customizer, Fonts and Integrated PayPal payment gateway. The search engine is quite impressive and displays Autocomplete results with toggle image option.

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First Fridays – Plugin Edition

April 7, 2017

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.17.38 PM

This plugin says what it does in it’s name, “The Instagram Feed Pro”. We think this is the best plugin to display your Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

February 2017 – The Instagram Feed Pro

It’s super easy to setup and to customize the look of the feed to integrate nicely with your current site design. You can add a nice header to your feed and it will add a “follow on Instagram” button so you can increase engagement and increase your number of followers. It’s also responsive which is great for anyone visiting your site on their mobile phone or tablet.

If you are looking to add a special personal touch to your website, we would recommend trying The Instagram Feed Pro. It’s great!

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Improve Functionality of your Favorite WordPress Plugins with SearchIQ II

February 27, 2017

Custom Field Suite

Custom Field Suite (CFS) is a custom field management plugin. It allows you to easily add groups of custom fields to your posts and pages with several different field types to choose from including: text, date, wysiwyg, user, relationship, hyperlink and more. The plugin is simple, easy to use and supports unique features such as the ability to add front-end editing form for the title, content and custom fields anywhere on your site.
If you choose to install CFS plugin, your website will need a great search plugin like SearchIQ. SearchIQ’s capability to index several custom field types will allow website users to access more content. With SearchIQ, you can also select to display custom field value in the results page description.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin caches your search results pages, database objects, CSS, JavaScript, feeds, and more automatically. It optimizes your website’s speed and performance by reducing the page load time via integrating content delivery network (CDN). The plugin enhances server performance and improves your user experience.
Other benefits include improving your search engine ranking, compressing files to save bandwidth, sustaining high traffic and optimizing progressive page rendering. These factors affect your site’s rank and improve your conversion rate.
How does SearchIQ compliment W3 Total Cache you ask? SearchIQ displays fast and accurate results, improving the user experience further. It keeps visitors on your website happy and increases browsing time. Caching your website and using onsite search is a proven performance booster.

WPtouch Mobile

WPtouch is a WordPress plugin that makes your website mobile-friendly. The plugin adds a clean and elegant mobile friendly theme to your WordPress site automatically. Apart from the theme, the plugin also allows you to customize the appearance and styling of your website, without needing to change any code. It’s one of the simplest ways to deliver a fast and user-friendly site to your mobile visitors.
Making your website’s UI compatible on mobile devices is crucial but your website still needs more. For better UX, mobile centric search is equally important and with SearchIQ you can give your users just that! SearchIQ has the most advanced options to customize the look you want for your users including search bar placeholder text, color and more. You can also add a search icon if you don’t want a search bar on your website. Website visitors will now have the most pleasing experience no matter what device they are using.

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SearchIQ Feature Spotlight: Cross-Site Search

January 9, 2017

What is Cross-Site Search?

Cross-site functionality allows you to group as many of your websites together and display results for an entered search term. So, say you have one website dedicated to dog training and another site about dog health. It would make sense to link both of these together, as someone may search for related topics on either of these websites. You don’t want to risk losing them to another site altogether by not having them synced. This is useful to your visitor because they find the content they were looking and it makes for a great search experience.

cross site feature
In our opinion, a search engine is incomplete without this feature. The way users search content on your website has changed a lot. Today’s user expects instant and relevant results without having to do too much digging around. We believe this feature is a must-have component for any search engine to be efficient.

Implementing Cross-Site Search with SearchIQ

One of the main questions we get regarding cross-search functionality is how to implement it. Let’s dive a little deeper to explain how SearchIQ displays posts from multiple websites when a search is performed on a specific website.
Since this functionality is user centric, we designed this feature to focus on keeping it simple and effective. So we’ve made it incredibly simple to turn this feature on and off at your discretion.


• Create cross-site group
create cross-site groups

• Select which search engines you would like in this site group.
• You will see the cross-site group you just created in the admin overview. Under “Show cross-site search results” turn on either or both autocomplete and search page and your search results will be synced.
cross-site enable option


There are many reasons why one should implement cross-domain search to fine-tune their search and make it more efficient. One reason might be that you have multiple websites that have a similar theme or niche. Cross-site search will expand the search results for your users and provide them with plenty of content that might be of interest.
Another reason may be to gather more user insight by capturing search term data. Along with cross-site search, we provide cross-site analytics so you can see what visitors are looking for, what they clicked on and where (which site) they came from. This would help when optimizing your website’s content for better conversion.

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